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For many years, Jonathan Chan has been the creative mind behind the scene of many avant-garde and iconic looks for his brand, DIVA.


For many of his followers, he was their secret weapon.


Today, Jonathan has stepped back into the spotlight, using his imaginative mind to develop new, fresh, one-of-a-kind looks through a blend of old and new.  Building on the themes of sustainability and caring for the environment, Jonathan takes pride in reinvigorating classic pieces with an appeal for today’s discerning fashionista who are adopting a new culture from pure consumption to sharing and reuse.  Jonathan uses his skills to reshape timeless pieces into cutting-edge looks, his experience and passionate creativity allow him to appreciate the essence of the past, while infusing his energy into the needs and expectations of the future.


Complete your wardrobe with these unique collectibles.




a unique individual


care for the environment, treasure the past and envision the future


a diverse voice, an eclectic style and my own vision




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